Drawing principles from the Reggio Emilia approach we inspire a child-led, play and project based environment. We respectfully and continually flow with the child’s interests and abilities as we create learning environments collectively.

Fundamental Principles

The image of the child:

Children are powerful individuals with curiosities for building relationships, constructing their own learning and negotiating the environment around them.

The child is a collaborator:

Each deserves to experience and build rich meaningful relationships with others; these engagements allow them to find who they are as individuals and their place in a society.

The child is a communicator:

Every child wishes to express them self, be heard and valued. Through daily activities such as art, building, creating, dancing, and writing they share ideas and create “I wonder” moments.

Children’s relationships and interactions within a community:

We focus on the spirit of collaboration, cooperation, and the co-construction of knowledge where each child is an equal participant, having their thoughts and questions valued.

The role of parents:

Parents are essential partners. Their right to participate is encouraged and valued as part of the school community, bringing with them wisdom, ideas, and experiences.

The environment is the third teacher:

Cared for by children and adults, beautifully well thought out environments inspire creativity, pose questions, and develop new wonders.

Teachers and children, partners in learning:

Our role as adults is to observe (our) children, listen to their questions and their stories, find what interests them, and provide them with opportunities to explore their interests further; teachers are researchers and learners alongside the child.

The power of documentation:

Documentation as communication. Transcripts of dialogue, photographs, and representations of works are tools for further inquiry and records of development, children become aware that their effort is valued and traces the history of the school.